What is Floating?
What Is Floating - Quincy, ILFloating is a gift to yourself of time and space without external distractions. When our brain is not processing external stimuli a space is created for relaxation and revitalization of mind, body and spirit.

The floating part comes from the super buoyancy of the water which gently supports the body in a way that feels nearly gravity-free and allows the body to be free to experience a different kind of rest.

Why is it so buoyant? The magic ingredient is Epsom Salt, or Magnesium Sulfate, which interacts with the body in many ways. Magnesium is reported to help provide better sleep, calm the nervous system, support muscles tissue and increase its flexibility, support the skeletal structure, alkalize and hydrate the body. Sulfates are found in our every cell and play a role in the production of collagen, detoxifying the body, supporting the digestive system, pancreas function and the secretion of digestive enzymes, as well as having antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.

Are all the effects physical? Not really. Floating is a time when your mind can roam freely, exploring meditation, puzzling out answers to problems, or dreaming up your next creative endeavor. Each float will be a unique experience unto itself.

“Everyone and almost everything floats in this water. Watch KHQA’s Hailey Vetterlein float a bowling ball in our tank.”

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