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Russ Lane

Russ Lane - Still Waters Float CenterAn ever changing, continuously morphing leaf in the wind who has landed in Quincy. I have worked and lived in eight states as a chiropractor, project manager and a grant administrator.

I love what I call “Hippie Science” which to me is where old metaphysical thoughts or beliefs are vindicated and validated after years of being dismissed as “woo-woo.”

I believe that quieting our mind is an old practice that is powerfully and continually validated by hard science.

I invite you to see how finding your own silence can benefit you!

Russ Lane,
Department of Reality Removal Engineering.


Beth Lane

Beth Lane - Still Waters Float Center
I am someone lucky enough and blessed enough to have listened to my son who said “Come try this Floating Thing.” Well, eventually I listened. The concept sounded pretty strange at first, but eventually he convinced me and I convinced four of my dear adventurous friends to some try it with us.

Our field trip to St. Louis led to the idea of our own float center in Quincy. That in turn led to over two years of searching and obstacles and detours and construction to create Still Waters Float Center in what was left of a building built in 1872. The location we finally chose for our “quiet business” is in front of a fire station (think sirens) and across from a hospital (think: helicopters). We had to sound proof everything! What can I say? I’ve never learned to do things the easy way!

I hope we have provided a welcoming and safe place to stop by and shed, for a time, the cares and
worries of daily life – or to dive deeply into something that needs time and uninterrupted space for thought.

“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.” Pablo Picasso


Still Waters Float Center | 900 Broadway St., Quincy, IL 62301 | 217-214-4455